Benefits Of Sustainable Landscaping

December 26, 2017

With climate change and global warming becoming a growing concern for everybody, a new type of landscaping has emerged. The benefits of sustainable landscaping have grabbed the attention of millions of homeowners within and outside the United States.


What Is Sustainable Landscaping?


Sustainability means having the ability to use resources without jeopardizing the environment. Sustainable landscapes are designed to use as little natural resources such as water and energy as possible. It also aims to minimize the amount of pollution coming directly and indirectly from the landscape.


Its popularity grew during the late 20th century when talks about environmental degradation started. The United States has then begun grading landscapes based on their sustainability. This encouraged sustainable practice among landscape providers due to the certifications they get.


The grading system began in 2005 when the Sustainable Sites Initiative started as a joint effort between the American Society of Landscape Architects, the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center and the United States Botanic Garden to reduce the environmental impact of landscapes.


What Are The Benefits Of Sustainable Landscaping?


Cheaper In The Long Run


Many people shy away from the idea of installing devices such as solar panels due to their hefty prices. However, these devices can help reduce your costs in the long run. It is also worth noting that some states are starting to subsidize products like these so expect prices to drop further in the coming years. These are investments that eventually pay for themselves. (1)


Solar panels, for example, can take as little as seven years depending on its scale to get back what you paid. After that, everything would be savings on your part. Thus, devices like these not only save Mother Earth but save you from your utility company.


Helps Save The Environment And Local Ecosystem


The primary objective of sustainable landscapes is to reduce its long-term impact on the planet. Hence, it is composed of dozens of practices aimed to do just that specifically. Some of these practices also take into account the ecological factors of the locality the landscape is situated.


One such practice is using plants that are native to the locality of the landscape. This method is done to avoid invasive plants and animals from altering the ecosystem. The best way to do this is to consult experts in local wildlife and agriculture to know which plants are best for the landscape. (2)


Can Help Reduce Utility Costs At Home


A major part of landscaping is planning the design and arrangement of the plants and fixtures. Fortunately, sustainable landscaping also promotes practices that can benefit homeowners. For example, planting trees in such a way that it shades the house can reduce the temperature of your home; thus, reducing the need for air-conditioning systems leading to lower electrical bills.


Sustainable Landscapes Give You Bragging Rights


Last, but definitely not the least, sustainable landscapes are something to be proud of. Solar panels and water preservation equipment look futuristic providing a great accent to the natural feel of the surrounding. Finally, there are few things in the world you can be more proud than taking care of the planet.


Landscapes are a big part of the American culture. They have been part of our lives longer than anyone can remember. It is time that we use this culture in helping save the planet. Fortunately, it is never too late to start landscaping with Mother Nature in mind.

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