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Our expert team pairs innovative design with lush plantings, soil amendment, lighting design, lawn maintenance and hardscape with fire and water installations to create these stunning landscapes from Auburn to Issaquah, North Bend to Mercer Island and all of the surrounding areas.

North Bend Formal Garden

Our clients have a beautiful property in North Bend with a formal garden that was in serious need of our help.  Over the years the garden had been decimated due to plant loss and constant grazing by the elk. Our Horticultural experts put together a plant palette that the elk would not eat (crossing our fingers) as well as give the feel and qualities of a formal garden.  Our clients wanted the garden to look mature the day that we planted it, so with help from our local nurseries, we pulled off a stunning garden featuring four beds with different plant layouts, including an Ilex hedge around each to give the formal garden feel. To create the mirror image we did two of the beds with interior heather borders and the other two beds have an inner liriope border.  For our main focal plants, we went with Hydrangea. Two of the beds have limelight tree hydrangea and the other two beds have a more standard shrub hydrangea.  From there we wanted to add as much color as possible but still maintain the linear feel that is typical of a formal garden. We love the end result.

North Bend Landscape

This is another full design-build project for Elite Horticulture.  This North Bend landscape started as a simple backyard with only turf and a few plants scattered throughout.  We began by leveling off the back yard by constructing a two-foot tall retaining wall along the property border.  This gave us the space we needed to build a very private patio and firepit area centered on Mt. Si.  We added over 1000 square feet of patio space, as well as three gas fire pits.  Each firepit is flanked by free-standing seating walls. Cedar trellises were placed along the fence to add even more privacy.  LED party lights were strung along the trellises to complete this one of a kind backyard space.  Both the irrigation system and lighting system are controlled via bluetooth.

Shoreline Custom Home

Elite Horticulture provided a full design-build on this project.  Concrete work, firepit and water feature were sub contracted out.  The front of the house features a grass driveway with an amazing courtyard.  Along the side of the house, we created a terraced perennial garden using high cascade granite rockery.  The back of the house has a large terraced lawn.  Containers were placed along the back of the house to soften the flat work as well as add pockets of seasonal color year round.  The landscape takes on a whole new personality when the sun goes down with a full LED outdoor lighting system.

Bothell House
Nothing excites our landscape designers more than a blank slate. With nothing but dirt for a yard our client had some awesome requests; an outdoor kitchen, a relaxing waterfall, a cozy fireplace, some designer rock detailing and a covered and uncovered patio to enjoy year round.  For the covered patio, we went with mortared dimensional blue stone.  For the larger uncovered portion of the patio, we used a patterned paver.  The outdoor kitchen, columns, and fireplace were all faced with cultured stone. Our finished product is now the perfect place to entertain all summer and maybe catch a Seahawk game or two in the winter. From a landscape of almost nothing to an outdoor living space that our client can do almost anything with, our team of construction professionals has outdone themselves again.


Beaver Lake Property

The house was already gorgeous, on serene Beaverlake, but leave it to Elite Horticulture to make this property even better! The addition of perfectly crafted Pennsylvania Blue-stone paths and a patio on the lake's edge and this grand property is all accessible and brought together. Add some drought tolerant plants and this landscape will now look vibrant year round, for years to come. And the grand finale, at the end of every day, is meticulously placed outdoor lighting to spotlight all the features that really make this property pop. From great to simply breathtaking, around the clock, year round!

Bothell Backyard Renovation

What was once a cookie cutter back yard is now a one of a kind show piece.  Two separate perennial gardens line both sides of the back yard.  One thrives in full sun while the other is designed for shade.  A triple column water feature is the center piece of the back patio.  We used patterned Belgard pavers for both the patio and paths.  High Cascade Granite boulders were used to set the grades throughout as well as provide a nice contrast to the wide variety of plants.

Bothell Secret Garden

This landscape was designed with a tremendous amount of input from our client.  They had a vision for what they thought their landscape should look like and we transformed it into a reality.  This outdoor space has two separate patios all connected with paver paths.  One is a peaceful seating area and the other is equipped with a fire pit. Both sides of the back patio are flanked by trellises with clematis vines growing up them.

Newcastle Plant Design

This beautiful house on Newcastle golf course had an existing landscape that had outgrown itself.  We started fresh by removing most of the older overgrown plantings and starting fresh with a variety of perennials, shrubs, and trees.  We added additional lighting to both the front and rear of the property to accent walkways and new plantings.

Mount Si View

This North Bend house is situated perfectly below Mount Si.  The entire landscape was designed with the mountain as the focal point.  We started with a large bluestone patio off the back of the house.  The seating walls and firepit were constructed using free-standing wall block.  The showpiece of the project is a three-tiered water feature that provides enough splash to create a very private back yard setting.

Lake Sammamish House

This house was a full design/build project for Elite Horticulture.  It was completed in two different phases over the course of two summers.  Complete with a full irrigation and drainage system.  The back yard was leveled off after an extensive retaining wall was installed.  This property has two different styles of patio.  One is a patterned paver and the lower patio was built using pennsylvania bluestone.  A natural gas fire pit was installed at the lower patio with a great view of Lake Sammamish.

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